Feed Your Soul

“Just as food is needed for the body, love is needed for the soul.” Osho

When we were kids, we would play all day long, not even thinking about food. It was sunshine, laughter, playtime with our friends, parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, self created imaginary plays, our dreams, music, dancing, talking in made up language was what fed our soul. The times when we felt like fully living, shining, happy, healthy, dreamy. Days were long. We were Timeless.

Healthy lifestyle is about catching that exciting wave inside you again. The love of daily life that has the power to feed us. It is not about the food on your plate – that is secondary.

There are fours pillars in your life to give a thought for feeding your soul:
1) Healthy Relationships
2) Regular Physical activity
3) Fulfilling Career
4) Spiritual practice

Too many people are using secondary food as a way to alleviate or suppress their hunger for primary food. This then turns into diet related disorders or depression. Globally, 350 million people suffer from depression, according to World Health Organization.

When you are craving for food, having diet issues, feeling depressed, go back to these 4 pillars, give a thought….what would you wish you did differently in each one of them. I will write more on them, going deeper into what they mean, and how you can approach in the future articles.

In the mean time, remember: Rhythmical dance, laughter and sense of humor, touch, sunshine and natural light, clean air and water, fulfilling intimacy with loved ones, uplifting relationships, having your tribe, community, outdoor exercise, inspiring music, art, adventure, love, hugs, satisfying living and working environment, harmonizing with nature, gardening, home cooking, natural sleep and relaxation are all nutrition’s for your body and soul for a healthy and happy life. They are key to being high on life. Now, lets turn on the music and move – no boundaries.

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